Preliminary results of using A.A. Levitskyy Phyto-Preparation by the patient V.N.T.

Заведующий Волков, Институт ОнкологииThe patient V.N. T. was examined at the Department of Locomotor Apparatus Tumors, Institute of Oncology of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine from September 3 until October 17, 2008. General condition of the patient at admission to hospital was moderately severe, complaints of neoplasm in the area of the chest, continuous dull pains in it, general weakness, sluggishness, rapid fatigability, significant degradation, loss of appetite. At objective examination: soft tissue tumor in the front chest wall with the size 8x10x4 cm, boundedly mobile, painless, of thick elastic consistency. Ten years had undergone a surgery because of soft tissue tumor in the front chest wall. Recurrent pathology appeared 5 years ago. The patient took complete examination, morphological (according to biopsy) diagnisis was verified – malignant neurinoma.

On September 11, 2007 the patient underwent a surgery – recurrent soft-tissue tumor excision in the front chest wall. During the postoperative stage the patient took a course of X-ray therapy to the area of postoperative cicatrix – СОД -36 Гр.

Before surgery the patient took 0,5 l. of A.A. Levitskyy- Yu.A. Borisenko Phyto-Preparation, after X-ray therapy – one more liter of the same preparation. Term of the preparation taking made approximately 2,5 months. 1,5 months after that the patient felt significant improvement of his quality of life, which manifested itself in a fit of energy he felt, improvement of the general condition and mood, restoration of working capacity, normalization of appetite. He gained 6-7 kg. Believes he’s healthy, started working.

In January of 2008 took control examination: clinically, according to USS data – recurrent tumor not found. The patient underwent extensive blood tests before and after completion of the course of treatment by A.A. Levitskyy- Yu.A. Borisenko Phyto-Preparation.

Blood test before taking the preparation

August 15, 2007

Blood test after completion of the course of treatment by A.A. Levitskyy- Yu.A. Borisenko Phyto-Preparation

January 21, 2008

ESR – 21 mm.p.h

Leukocytes – 5.61

Erythrocytes – 4.49

Hemoglobin – 120.5

ESR – 7 mm.p.h

Leukocytes – 4.82

Erythrocytes – 5.18

Hemoglobin – 137.9

As it can be seen from the indicated comparative data of blood tests of the patient, normalization of indicators took place, the number of leukocytes had reduced, the number of erythrocytes and the level of hemoglobin have increased.

The received data about the medical efficiency of A.A. Levitskyy – Yu.A. Borisenko Phyto-Preparation with the patient confirm it’s therapeutic efficiency for the given form of cancer, which explicitly manifested itself in the improvement of the quality of life – significant improvement of the patient’s general condition and health was noticed, as well as a fit of energy, restoration of working capacity. No side-effects were noticed during taking A.A. Levitskyy- Yu.A. Borisenko Phyto-Preparation.

Conclusion: The only case of taking A.A. Levitskyy- Yu.A. Borisenko Phyto-Preparation by one patient and a comparatively short term of his observation does not allow making final conclusions about its medical efficiency. However, the received data allow stating the fact that the phyto-preparation has improved the quality of life of the patient and had no side effects. The final conclusion about medical efficiency of the phyto-preparation can be made after conducting further clinical supervision of its taking by patients with various forms of cancer.

Заведующий Волков, Институт ОнкологииHead of the Department of Locomotor /signature/ Volkov

Apparatus Tumors, Institute of Oncology

of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

Seal of the Head of the Department


Translated by Yuliya Shapovalova, “Centre For Foreign Languages ASAP”.Chernivtsi.

September, 2009

Переклад виконала Юлія Шаповалова, «Центр іноземних мов ASAP».Чернівці.

Вересень 2009 р.

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