“A.A. Levitskyy Phyto-preparation” in oncology

Институт Онкологии, Доктор медицинских наук ЧерныйUpon agreement with the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, the director of the Institute of Oncology professor S.A. Shalimov professor V.A.Chernyy received the assignment of analyzing the results of treatment seriously ill hopeless patients having cancer of the 4 (terminal) stage, to whom all the existing standard methods of treatment are no longer applicable with A.A. Levitskyy Phyto-Preparation. The group under study included patients having cancer of internal organs, preferably after surgeries, after chemotherapy or X-ray therapy, or after combination of the mentioned methods which were unable to stop the growth of the tumor itself, its recurrent pathology or metastases. Usually, such patients are discharged from hospital for symptomatic treatment at home.

Specifically, a group of such practically incurableу patients took treatment with the help of “A.A. Levitskyy Phyto-Preparation”. Terms of treatment made from 2 to 3 months. The preparation was made on the basis of medicinal herbs that grow in Gorny Altai, and is patented in Ukraine.

Examination of patients started in 2006. First of all, indicators of the quality of life of the patients (aches, sleep, appetite, ability to move without assistance, working capacity, the way they feel, weight dynamics, etc. depending on the specific pathology of the patient) were taken as criteria for analysis. Laboratory indicators, size of the tumor were studied before and after treatment (with the help of palpation, USS or computer tomography).

The following results were received. First of all, improvement of the general condition was noticed. Their appetite improved, they felt cheerfulness, spurt, their mood became better, and also they started feeling hope for recovery. Most patients stopped feeling aches of different location or those aches reduced, they gained weight, started looking better.

As a result of such therapy most patients became able to get up from bed, do business, cook, go shopping, etc. During control examination, stabilization of tumor growth was noticed with most patients, and with some of them – tumor, previously detected through USS or other clinical methods, became no longer detectable. This positive clinical effect was attended by improvement of laboratory indicators as compared to the initial level, up to normalization.

In conclusion, I want to mention that usage of A.A. Levitskyy Phyto-Preparation was never attended by any side effects with patients, who took the treatment, as well as no complications were observed either in the process, or upon completion of the therapy. I believe that modulating effect of “A.A. Levitskyy Phyto-Preparation” on biological processes taking place in the body of a patient having cancer, must also have positive result during complex treatment at earlier stages of cancer in combination with surgical, chemotherapy and X-ray methods. The preparation allows such patients improve their quality of life, extend it and solve a number of social, medical and universal problems related to cancer pathology.

Undoubtedly, mass production of “A.A. Levitskyy Phyto-Preparation” must be organized with the purpose of extensive use of individual complex treatment of patients with various forms of cancer, whose number growth steadily throughout Ukraine.

Институт Онкологии, Доктор медицинских наук ЧерныйHonored Science and Technology Worker of Ukraine, /signature/ /V.A. Chernyy/

M.D., professor

Seal of professor V.A. Chernyy

Translated by Yuliya Shapovalova, “Centre For Foreign Languages ASAP”.Chernivtsi.

September, 2009

Переклад виконала Юлія Шаповалова, «Центр іноземних мов ASAP».Чернівці.

Вересень 2009 р.

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