Preliminary results of taking A.A. Levitskyy- Yu.A. Borisenko Phyto-Preparation by 2 patients having stomach cancer

Доктор медицинских наук Черный, Институт Онкологии

1. The patient P. A.V., born in 1940 was examined at the Institute of Oncology of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine on July 21, 2006. General condition was severe. Emaciated. Can move only with the help of other people. Aversion to food. Stool once a week. According to the data of fiber- gastroscopy was diagnosed having cancer of the body of stomach with expression. T3 Nx Mo. Histologic conclusion: signet ring cell carcinoma. Because of severe general condition and concomitant pathology, the patient is not able to survive the estimated amount of surgery (gastrectomy) and chemotherapy. Discharged from hospital for symptomatic treatment.

After 3 months of taking A.A. Levitskyy- Yu.A. Borisenko phyto-preparation was repeatedly examined at the Institute of Oncology. General condition had improved significantly. Appetite had become normal. Gained 3 kilos of weight. Stool had become normal. Became interested in life. Tumor is not palpable. During gastrectomy no tumor growth was found. Stabilization is expected. The patient had become so strong physically that she was offered a surgery, which she refused from.

2. The patient S.I.N., born in 1937, was examined at the Institute of Oncology on October 11, 2001. He had undergone gastrectomy because of stomach cancer pT3 N0 M0 (adenocarcinoma). In 2006 he was diagnosed recurrent tumor and on July 27, 2007 he underwent explorative laparotomy, during which recurrent tumor was found at the gate of spleen, tail of pancreas with penetration into splenic corner of segmented intestine and the adjacent retroperitoneal space. Because of the spread of the tumor it could not be removed. The patient took a course of phthorafurum chemotherapy, after which his condition had started feeling much worse. The subsequent use of A.A. Levitskyy- Yu.A. Borisenko Phyto-Preparation quickly liquidated side effects of the chemo-preparation. During successive phytotherapy the patient’s condition was becoming better and better. During control examination at the Institute of Oncology three months later after laparotomy his general condition was satisfactory. Appetite had become better. Does not feel aches in the area of the tumor. At palpation the stomach is soft, without thickening. The tumor cannot be found during USS.

Conclusion: Due to short term of observation, low number of patients, further clinical observation is needed for final conclusions about the efficiency of the phyto-preparation. The received data allow presuming that it improves the quality of life of patients suffering from cancer and has no side effects. In regard to its influence on the life span, longer observations are necessary to make such a conclusion.

Доктор медицинских наук Черный, Институт ОнкологииHonored Science and Technology Worker of Ukraine, /signature/ /V.A. Chernyy/

M.D., professor

Note by hand: Signature of professor Chernyy verified.

Senior inspector of the HR Department /signature/ A.V. Golovenko

Seal of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine


Translated by Yuliya Shapovalova, “Centre For Foreign Languages ASAP”.Chernivtsi.

September, 2009

Переклад виконала Юлія Шаповалова, «Центр іноземних мов ASAP».Чернівці.

Вересень 2009 р.

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